The Pupusa

A traditional Salvadoran dish which is handmade and cooked on a griddle.  It’s made from a thick corn tortilla that can be stuffed with different things such as beans, cheese, pork, or other fillings.  The pupusa is accompanied by a mild tomato salsa and curtido (lightly fermented cabbage salad). 

Our Menu

Take a look at our menu for the finest dishes to choose from Central America. Rightfully so, we have gained a reputation of having one of the best pupusa’s in town.


If you are looking to cater your event with some of the best Central American food around, you have come to the right place.

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About El Comal Pupuseria

El Comal originally opened its doors for business on May 11, 1990.  The restaurant was established by the Reyes family who once owned the adjacent corner bodega.  Mr. & Mrs. Reyes owned and operated Reyes Grocery from 1986 until 2001.  During those 15 years they built a strong relationship with the Central American community where they learned about the traditional Salvadoran dish known as the Pupusa.

In strengthening their bond with the community and by recommendation of one of their loyal customers, they established Pupuseria El Comal.  The restaurant started as a small town spot with 3 dining tables and countertop seating that could only accommodate 15 customers.  In 2004 the Reyes family had the opportunity to expand their location and their services.  They expanded their menu, began delivery service and boasted a larger dining room to accommodate 30 dine-in customers. 

Today, El Comal continues to serve the Central American community with pride and has paved the way for others to appreciate the delicious cuisine of Central America.  El Comal has rightfully gained a reputation of having one of the best pupusas in town. 

We pride ourselves in our fresh handmade pupusas and we also take great pride in our other menu items such as our traditional Central American breakfast items, fresh tortillas, oven roasted chicken, fried chicken, seafood dishes, homemade soups, natural fruit juices, desserts, etc.